A Trip to the Allergist’s

February 7, 2009


Above: Journal spread sketched in the Allergist's office while I was waiting the obligatory 30 minutes after my allergy shots. Page size is approx. 6 x 8 inches; spread 12 x 8 inches. Click on the image for an enlargement.

Yesterday marked the end of a crazy week. I was looking forward to a relaxing time at the Allergist's sketching in the waiting room—but there weren't any people there. Finally a lovely young woman appeared, but she kept getting up and disappearing. (When you are in the injection waiting room you look through a small doorway into the main waiting room and your view is limited. People walk in and out of the "frame," so to speak. I ended up having to write more notes than I usually do on such a visit, to fill up my time.)

A couple notes about the spread:

The paper in this journal is Gutenberg and if you click on an enlargement of the page you can see the lovely nubby character of the sheet and the flecks that appear throughout the creamy colored paper.

The gray paper at the center of the spread is Mi Tientes from Canson. I like to glue paper in my journals across the spread, on the edges of the page, indeed all over the place. I do this when I first open the journal and then just have to deal with the paper when I get to that spread. You can see more than enough examples of this at the journal selection section of my website, but of particular interest might be my "Before and After" selection, where I showed the pre-painted and decorated pages and then show what I finally did on those pages, for one journal. (I posted this as a series of examples for my students but other folks seem to find this interesting as well.)

I was sketching with a Staedtler Pigment Liner (a brand new one, it was so fun!). And using a small palette of Daniel Smith Watercolors and a Niji waterbrush.

On the recto page on the gray paper there is a little diagram of the office layout. A friend and I were writing back and forth about hand drawn maps and that got me thinking, as I was sitting there, that I may not always come to this office, and some day may wonder what the layout was so I did a quick map of that.

Yep, those red dots are blood. My book binding extravaganza of the last two weeks has left my fingertips cracked from repeatedly washing off the glue. DNA on the page.

But wait, there's more:

So if you want to see what else I was up to on Friday you can check out my post on Twin Cities Sketchers. You should pop over there anyway to see Ken Avidor's lovely sketch of bulldog Mabel! And if you're a Twin Cities Sketcher (and Ken includes the burbs folks) write to Ken about posting your related sketches. It can be a sketch done anywhere in the Twin Cities. It just has to be from life. What's not to love about that?

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