Maira Kalman’s Inauguration Images

January 31, 2009

I didn't get home in time to finish my next "episode" in eraser carving. But what met me when I got on line was a message from my friend Karen who is a prolific reader and finder of stuff, telling me of the illustrations by Maira Kalman related to the recent presidential inauguration.

Many people will know her work from illustrations in magazines and books. Others might know her from her book Principles of Uncertainty, which is presented as a visual journal.

I don't know anything about her process and whether these inauguration related illustrations were made in the moment or after the fact, but they are lovely illustrations that look like they were made with either gouache or acrylic. Her eye for composition and capturing the essence of something, and her quirky hand lettering will appeal to visual journal keepers; give you inspiration to go out and capture more of your life.

In finding the link for Principles I saw that you can view a TED talk she gave about her life and work here. I'm going to go do that now and see if she talks about her tools and media.

Go check her out. I'll get that transfer information for you carvers up on Sunday! (I spent my free time Friday trying to get "barn visitation rights,"—the things I do just to paint animal portraits!)

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    Thanks for the link to her illustrations as well as to her talk. Loved them.

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