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January 28, 2009


Above: The result of the latest bookbinding binge (or so it seemed), in a sadly lit photo I took for record keeping, but you get the idea. The books all contain Nideggen for text paper. The two books on the left of each row have a lovely navy book cloth. The short book and tall book right of center with swirly purple and orange decorative paper have a dark, rich heather purple bookcloth. The book in the back row center has metalic paste paper. The red book near the left, and the far right book at the back with brush strokes on the decorative paper use Strathmore Aquarius II for the decorative paper. This is the first time I've used that for decorative paper and will be interested to see how it holds up for strength. It's lighter weight (80 lbs. vs. 140 lbs.) sure is an easier paper with which to work. I used almost the last of my Fabriano Uno Soft Press 140 lb. watercolor paper for the decorative paper on the other books. The large books are about 7 x 9 inches and the small ones are 7 x 5.25 inches. They are all 6-signature books, except for the small teal book which holds 12 signatures. (Why 6 signatures? I find that's a nice weight to carry around and a sufficient number of pages to work through in about a month. Then I'm usually ready for a different type of paper.)

A Book Arts Show and Related Programs: Front, Back and Between
Cleaning up after the recent book production frenzy I found my notice from MCBA about the current show. So I have missed telling you about the opening which was January 23, but you have until March 8 to check out "Front, Back & Between" which showcases work from twelve talented members of MCBA's Artist Co-op. The show includes a variety of prints,
artists' books, fine press works and other artistic endeavors. (Please use the link to MCBA to check their hours and to find directions.)

The following free programs at MCBA are related to the show and allow opportunities to hear the artists speak about their work. I encourage you to attend these events and learn more about what inspires and motivates these creative book artists and printmakers.

If you follow the link I've provided to the show's title (repeated here) you'll find a short video which talks to several of the co-op artists and shows them working on projects. Please check this out if you aren't in the Twin Cities and wonder what MCBA is like. People in the Twin Cities, of course, can meet the artists at the following events, but you'll enjoy watching the video too.

Process Revealed
Saturday, January 31; 2 p.m
In an informal discussion, co-op members Georgia A. Greeley, MC Hyland,
Richard Stephens and CB Sherlock reveal the methods behind their
creative expressions.

The Last Year
Friday, February 13; 7 p.m
Writer John Coy reads from The Last Year, a collaborative work between the author and co-op member Richard Stephens.

Inspiration Behind the Work: White Gloves Optional
Tuesday, February 17; 7 p.m
members Lori Brink, Abigail Anderson, Sarah Peters, Robyn Stoller
Awend, Georgia A. Greeley and Mary Drabik will provide
behind-the-scenes looks at their creative processes and describe the
ideas and observations that inspire their work.

    • Velma
    • January 28, 2009

    Those of us who lust after well made sketch books (ahem, that would be me) are totally impressed. Nicely made, with beautiful, secretive covers. I especially like the three on the far right, top, middle, bottom. Thanks for showing them.

    • Gina
    • January 28, 2009

    Thanks for the great video link, Roz. MCBA is a wondrous place and I visited for the first time last fall—guest artist Dean Ebben was using some of my gelatin prints in his alternative printmaking class (but I missed seeing him). I like their co-opt idea—those big machines and drawers of various type look awesome.

    • Roz
    • January 29, 2009

    Velma, so glad you enjoyed the books. “Secretive covers,” hmmm. That’s interesting. I’ve never thought of them that way before. Is that like mysterious? I’ve always wanted to be mysterious. (But there’s little hope of that.)

    • Roz
    • January 29, 2009

    Gina, we are very fortunate to have MCBA in Minneapolis! It is a fabulous place and people who don’t live here should make sure to add a visit there anytime they come to the Twin Cities. (I really liked that video too!)

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