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December 4, 2008


Right: Watercolor sketch of outside muralists at work, © Roberta Avidor. (Handbook Journal and watercolor.)

Do all things urban interest you when you sketch? Do you love to draw on site? Do you live in the Twin Cities? If you answered yes to those questions then you need to go to Twin Cities Sketchers the new blog started by that indefatigable sketcher, Ken Avidor. 

Inspired by artist Gabi Campanario’s group blog Urban Sketchers, Ken has launched a blog for Twin Cities artists to share sketching work which captures our local environment. Ken welcomes “suburban” views as well, on the blog, thus allowing artists to capture the entire range of their experience in the metro area (Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN). 

The first posts to the blog are from Ken’s own journals and include one of my favorites, “the overturned car.” You’ll find when you view Ken’s journals that he is obsessed with the way things are made and put together. Just as it is perfectly natural for me to stand and obsess over a cow, Ken is in his element looking at the mechanical side of life on the planet. You’ll also see images from the recent Republican Convention held in St. Paul and get a chance to see what it's like to bike everywhere.

Ken’s wonderfully talented wife Roberta (another professional artist) has also posted images on the blog. (The image at the start of this post is Roberta’s, painted in her Handbook journal.) You will be inspired by the way she captures not only the broad scene but the details of people and immediate surroundings.

Since Ken is connected to comics groups and other artist groups in the Twin Cities I expect that we will soon see work from a variety of perspectives and in many different styles. It will be great that we will see our urban landscape interpreted in this way. I encourage you to participate.

The rules are simple and clear at Twin Cities Sketchers: sketches must be sketched on site in the Twin Cities and the surrounding suburbs. No sketches from memory or photographs. If you are a local artist (or if you were visiting and sketched our fair city) and would like to participate on this blog, contact Ken at 

(I haven’t yet asked Ken if he’ll be making any “exceptions” in August for State Fair sketches. Minnesota’s state fair is actually held in the center of our large urban area; one of the few, if not the only remaining one that is so situated. I will keep my fingers crossed. Maybe if I throw in a couple people!)

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    State Fair is definitely included.

    Unlike Urban Sketchers, we will include suburban Twin Cities sketching too.

    Thanks for the mention, Roz. If we get more people, we can do a sketching event in the Spring.

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