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November 18, 2008

I'm going to try this again. I am having trouble embedding videos. I got something to work a moment ago, but the video was at the end of my post (I like visuals at the top of a post) and there was a typo that I wasn't able to correct when I went into the composing area. Seems I got the video inserted but it was covering things up.

I'm going to give it one more go. If all works well then a video of Pierre Tardif doing brush lettering of the word "BLOCK" will appear at the top of the post.

When someone wrote to me telling me Lisa Engelbrecht taught classes I did a Google search and found lots of videos on calligraphy. You have to see Pierre Tardif work with a brush. It is amazing. The way he steadies his hand and makes perfect half circles, it's incredible.

So if you are interested in lettering and maybe want to improve how you letter in your journals you need to check this out: little gems of technical skill available to tutor you.

If for some reason the video doesn't appear at the top of this email click here for the link. Thanks for your patience while I work out how to embed things.

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    It’s also amazing how he gets such sharp corners. Thanks for posting his work. It’s very instructive.

    • Roz
    • November 20, 2008

    Sally, I’m glad you enjoyed these videos of Tardif. I hope you have a moment to look at the other ones he has on You-Tube. It is really amazing to watch him work. We can learn a lot from the deliberate and smoothly accurate way he works. There’s a lot of hours behind each one of those strokes.

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    If one didn’t see how it was done one wouldn’t believe it was freehand with a brush but printed from the computer! Thanks for the link! I’m going to subscribe to his videos at youtube! I’m already subscribed to your blog Roz, I love it!

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    Yep, it blew me away. I know it takes practice, practice, practice, but even so Tardif makes it look deceptively simple.

    Glad you’re enjoying my blog. Thanks for writing!

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    Mad skills! Something I realized while watching was that hand lettering is not handwriting. Those letters and words are created using many more parts and strokes that they way we were taught to form letters in school. Good to know and practice.

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    Mad skills indeed! And yes, lettering is not handwriting, BUT what I find very interesting is that within lettering your natural inclinations do emerge to create a “signature” just as those same inclinations come through in a landscaper’s or portrait painter’s final work. There is something inescapable and unique in everyone, that comes out in all this type of hand work, though it sometimes takes a trained eye to see the nuances.

    In my post today (April 20, 2015) where I revisit these Tardif videos and some additional material, I make the point that his brush skills are such that they should be studied by all painters. I think people like Tardif make lettering an artform.

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