The Bigger Brush Pen from Faber Castell

October 27, 2008


Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens have always had a brush tip variant. These pens come in a wide range of colors (some packaged as sets: landscape, manga). They are lightfast, waterproof, acid free and a favorite of a lot of people.

Well they are out now in a larger size: Faber Castell Pitt Artist Big Brush. All the same wonderful colors available in the original line are available in the larger size. The image at the top of this post shows the relative line quality/size of the two pens. You can see the large tip really is quite a bit larger and allows you to do some fat lines if you work on the side of the tip (as shown on the right side of the image).

Here are the tips side by side for comparison. Same great ink and pen, just larger. I got mine locally at Wet Paint. I can't find the receipt, but I think they were under $4 which seems like a good deal since the small ones are about $2.79, or so I seem to recall.

I find the large brush pen is a bit unwieldy in my hand, and not comfortable to draw with for long periods, but if you are doing large drawings, perhaps at an easel, or in a large book, they might be just the thing to really let your whole arm move and create a flowing line. I also think that at life drawing I would like them as I tend to work larger there, but I haven't tested them in that situation yet.

So if you're a fan of the original brush pen from this company you might want to check out the new larger size! It gives us more options for our visual journaling.

    • Lynn
    • October 27, 2008

    I SO can’t wait to get some of these. I love the pens and they are great for travel. Thanks for the close-up of the nibs. I had wondered just how much bigger they were.

    • Roz
    • October 27, 2008

    Lynn, I was disappointed that I couldn’t get a better image but the light was all nuts. But I’m glad captured the size difference so at least you can see that. They really are a lot bigger! I think you will enjoy sketching with them.

  1. Reply

    Good to know that these Big Pitt pens are finally showing up at the retail level. All of the online art supplies sources that I have checked so far have them listed as “out-of-stock” still. Do the big nibs feel stronger than the original Pitt pens?

    • Roz
    • November 2, 2008

    Alberto, you raise a very interesting and important question about point quality on these pens. For me the Pitt Pen brush tips have always been a bit weak, and quick to wear down from fresh pointy-ness. (Sorry, don’t know how to describe it any other way.)

    I find that even one session in life drawing with the original small brush pens and the tip is already wearing down (two hours of straight sketching). I long ago decided to just live with this aspect of the pen, because I like other things about it. And in fact, I really like them when they get really, really old and worn. I typically have a new one and a worn out one that I carry with me.

    The new BIG tips do not seem any stiffer or stronger to me. I imagine that they will wear down past the initial perfect point stage rather quickly, but then still be fun to use. I haven’t sketched enough with one yet to know how long this will take, however, since they really are a bit big for most of the sketching I do. I like that I can get a broad line on the side however, for large area coverage as well.

    People who want a sharp point that will retain its freshness might find these a bit fleeting (both the original and the new big brush), but there are other fun things about them, including the smooth flowing line, the side lines, and the long lasting ink supply.

    If I want something that can stay fine point and move between fine point and broad, as well as have a more expressive line I use the Pentel Pocket Brush pen because those tips, with individual fibers making up a brush tip, allow you to write on the tip or bear down and get a wide variety. Even after 3 years of hard use I have one that still performs at both ends of the spectrum. (Many, many cartridges of course.)


  2. Reply

    Thank you for the thorough reply. Actually I am pretty content with the Pitt brush performance after learning the nib flipping trick to get a tad longer life with a sharp end. Happy holidays!

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