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Waiting at the Dentist’s

I think it’s easy to always have a small pocket sketchbook with you so that you can make quick sketches of the people around you. When you’re somewhere it’s going to be impossible to get finished sketched (because either you or the model is going to leave quickly) find something you can focus on.  I […]


Use What You Have Out

I have a lot of students who tell me they don’t have time to sketch. They tell me they have to make a space to work or they have to get supplies out. They tell me that they don’t have time to make background textures. They also admit that they are doing about 15 other […]


Earnest Ward: Bird Sketching Tips

See the full post for details.


Journal Zine Swap Instructions

Left: Instruction sheet giving instructions and specifications for the Journal Zine Swap in March 2011 at the MCBA Visual Journal Collective. Click on the image to view an enlargement. Whether you want to swap one of your zines for a copy of my Snow Piles zine, or want to organize your wn journal zine swap, […]

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