All about Roz

Peregrine Falcon sketch, Derwent Graphitints water-soluble color pencils on prepainted 300 lb. watercolor paper.

February 22, 2017

Pardon my mess—this site is still under construction. I’ll tell you all about me as soon as the dust settles.

In the meantime I hope that you read my blog posts. There are over 2,100 of them.

If you can’t wait to learn something about me click on any blog post and at the top right you’ll find a “Categories” pull down menu. Check out the category “Backstory” for a peak into my life. Or try “The Drawing Life” which includes posts that show how I bring drawing into my daily life.

If you’re here to learn about art materials or drawing and painting the category list will help you there too. I love experimentation and when I share my experiments I aim for specificity to help you make decisions about whether a tool, paper, or medium will work for you and your way of working.

I’m working on ways to bring many links up into the navigation at the top of the page, so look for those labels to have subcategories in the coming weeks.

And of course you can use the search function at any time. Keywords like “gouache” will bring up a list of hundreds of posts.

I appreciate your patience while all the bits of the new site get tamed into manageable bits.

And please check back soon, because I have new classes starting in April. I hope to have the schedule up in early March.

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